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We are a family-friendly service club in beautiful Canberra, Australia, actively working with others to support individuals and, local and international communities.
SHELTERBOX  Bronze Champion Award
ShelterBox was started by an ex Royal Navy logistician and Rotarian in Cornwall England in 2000, who was concerned to provide Shelter Warmth and Dignity to families who had lost their homes due to disasters, both natural and man-made. His initiative quickly grew into a humanitarian aid package often delivered in the iconic green box. Box contents can be tailored to suit conditions and climate, but typically include an insulated tent to suit an extended family of up to 10, bedding, cooking utensils, basic tools, and a children’s activity pack. Alternatively assistance can be in the form of a ShelterKit which include tools and heavy duty materials such as tarpaulins and fixings to help families repair their houses to make them feel like home again. So far two million people around the World have benefitted from ShelterBox. Along the way ShelterBox became the international disaster relief partner with Rotary.
Our Rotary club read about ShelterBox in 2006 and decided to support it by making a donation which resulted in a box being deployed to Lebanon. We adopted a policy of donating a ShelterBox or equivalent each year. When there were very significant disasters we donated extra. Over the years we have been involved in the donation of the equivalent of 59 ShelterBoxes (value over $60,000), including those donated by car clubs and others as a direct result of my presentations.
In the September 2021 edition of RDU on page 41 we are listed as a ShelterBox Bronze Champion, recognizing our consistent giving over the last three years.
Graham Waite
ShelterBox Representative
The Rotary Club of Woden Daybreak Mango Fundraiser
Orders for the Mango Fundraiser are closing early due to a smaller than expected mango crop this year.
No more orders will be accepted.
Customers who have already ordered and paid for trays of mangoes will be contacted directly.
Thank you for your support to date.
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Jenny and Mark welcoming our newest member Jerry Williams accompanied by his wife Nancy and son Danny.
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